Brownbag Session: Systematic Musicology
(Christoph Reuter 2020)

Interactive software and projects of the Vienna Systematic Musicology:
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Systematic Musicology at the Musicological Department, Infrastructure and Devices

For some of the applications a flash player is required.
The flash applications can also be downloaded as standalone Windows apps.


1 Hardness Measurement and more

1.1 Audio Signal Analysis


1.2 The Sound of Hardness

1.3 … and more


2 Sounds you've never heard before

2.3 General vs. Individual HRTFs

Jenny, C., Reuter, C. (2020). Usability of Individualized Head-Related Transfer Functions in Virtual Reality: Empirical Study With Perceptual Attributes in Sagittal Plane Sound Localization. JMIR Serious Games 2020;8(3):e17576, doi: 10.2196/17576.


3 Living in a Box

3.2 Noise Measurement Setup


3.3 Noise Measurement Results

Bertsch, M., Reuter, C., Czedik-Eysenberg, I., Berger, A., Olischar, M., Bartha-Doering, L. and Giordano, V. (2020). The "Sound of Silence" in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit-Listening to Speech and Music inside an Incubator. Frontiers in Psychology 11:1055. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.01055



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